DynaChisso has developed various grades for automotive and other industrial markets, especially specializing in compounded PP (polypropylene).

Based on our superior PP compounding know-how, DynaChisso has further expanded the product portfolio into PP powder and PP-based adhesive material.

DynaChisso will keep our R&D plan and broaden our plastics compounding

   DynaChisso PP. (Polypropylene)

DynaChisso’s PP is best known for its superiority in automotive and motorcycle’s functional parts.

Ranging from Mica-filled PP, long-glass and short glass reinforced PP, multi-filler based PP, talcum-based PP, DynaChisso helps our customers to identify the best served product with competitive price to serve the market. In E&E market, DynaChisso’s flame retardant PP is widely used to produce high-quality home appliances products for internationally recognized brands.

   The full PP catalog can be downloaded here.

“Dynacoat” is maleic anhydride modified Polypropylene (70 mesh pass powder), which can use in “fluidized bed coating”. Basically Dynacoat, a special PP powder, can be utilized in certain E&E market to replace the PA powder as a coating layer.

For further information, please check our marketing slides :  (download pdf file)
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