DynaChisso has developed various grades for automotive and other industrial markets, especially specializing in compounded PP (polypropylene).

Based on our superior PP compounding know-how, DynaChisso has further expanded the product portfolio into PP powder and PP-based adhesive material.

DynaChisso will keep our R&D plan and broaden our plastics compounding

   DynaChisso PP. (Polypropylene)

DynaChisso’s PP is best known for its superiority in automotive and motorcycle’s functional parts.

Ranging from Mica-filled PP, long-glass and short glass reinforced PP, multi-filler based PP, talcum-based PP, DynaChisso helps our customers to identify the best served product with competitive price to serve the market. In E&E market, DynaChisso’s flame retardant PP is widely used to produce high-quality home appliances products for internationally recognized brands.



“Dynacoat” is maleic anhydride modified Polypropylene (70 mesh pass powder), which can use in “fluidized bed coating”. Basically Dynacoat, a special PP powder, can be utilized in certain E&E market to replace the PA powder as a coating layer.

For further information, please check our marketing slides :  (download pdf file)
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