Tolling Service

Dynachisso establishes OEM partnerships with leading chemical companies, manufacturing high-quality conpounded plastics on behalf of partners with the strictest confidentiality

   Tolling Compound / Contract Manufacturing

DynaChisso’s tolling and contract manufacturing service produces compounded plastics resins with tolling partners’ labeled branding. With over 15 years of experience of contract manufacturing, DynaChisso’s trustworthy and quality services are recognized by leading global chemical companies. 

    What service DynaChisso can offer?

  Thermoplastics compounding for tolling partners to produce plastics resins under partner’s brand name 
 Coloring service with global standard of resin coloring processes
 Complete quality control system with agreed testing items before every shipment

    Why DynaChisso?  

  With Experience of different engineering plastics, including PA, PBT, PMMA, PC, and etc, we can provide tolling partners different choices of product portfolio 
  Long track record of offering services to top chemical companies provides trustworthy quality control, confidentiality control, and process control 
  State-of-the-art JSW extruders are highly appraised by the quality product we can offer 
  Locating in Thailand, the new manufacturing hub in South East Asia, DynaChisso equips global chemical companies the regional manufacturing capacity without incurring expansion costs 
  Potentiality to combine our regional expertise in distribution to provide one-stop total solution for our partners, from product development, manufacturing, logistics, customer engagement, and after-services.  

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